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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm exercising today

Yes, I went to the fitness center today and had my 15 minutes walking exercise at the treadmill. I had the treadmill incline into 3 and the speed is 2.0. I went there last Monday also but I only exercise for 10 minutes as what the practitioner instruct me to do for the first time. The fitness center is next to the apartment office and just a walking distance from our apartment. I felt energized after my 15 mins. exercise and I was thirsty when I arrived home. Now I feel sleepy again. I better take a nap before going out to my friend's house for a gathering tonight. I'm sure my tummy will be one of the topic of tonight's chika. :)


Ilocana said...

You betcha! You know naman ang mga Pinay, pag me bagong preggy sa group, sure ka na center of attraction, he,he,he. Exciting kasi eh.^_^

Butchay said...

hello michelle...kamusta akoang me amega!!!! hope your doing great. TC

Lynn said...

good for u, sis. exercise is a must jud sa buntis diba?

about sleeping in the morning, myth ra diay to? haha. nituo pud ko. what is, kapiso man kay mader if dili mutuo. lol.

anyways, i'm here to deliver another award for u too, sis.


Ilocana said...

Hi Michelle, good morning! Just want to let you know you've been tagged,he,he. As in I got a tag for you, ngehe,he.. Pls. do check it out if interesado ka, oki doc?.

So happy tayo last night ah, grabe! Kumain lang ako ng daing at uminom ng coke, napakanta na at napa-dance pa. Ano pa kaya pag talagang nalasing,,ha,ha,ha!!

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Mommy to be....

Good to know you're getting some exercise. Saw your 20 month pic look great...

Have a great weekend!

Mommy J