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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Listen to your body

Well, that's what I did yesterday when I was exercising at the fitness center. I was planning to exercise at the treadmill for 30 minutes but I only reach 19 minutes coz the lower part of my belly started to hurt already. I changed the speed slowly before stopping so I won't feel dizzy and drink cold water coz I was a little thirsty. Then I went home right away before something happened to me. I was feeling better after maybe an hour of relaxing while watching TV. Today I went back to the fitness center for my exercise and I am successful this time. I already prepared my cold water in front of the treadmill so if I feel thirsty, I don't need to stop just to drink. I walked at the treadmill for 10 minutes first with 1.5 speed then raise the speed into 2 for 15 minutes then lower the speed back to 1.5 again for 5 minutes and gradually slow down the speed til it reach 0 for a minute or two. So today I had 30 mins. of exercise with the treadmill inclined to level 3 which is a good improvement. I wore my maternity belt today which I think helped me from hurting while I was exercising. I hope I can do this everyday so it would be easy for me to give birth next year. But of course I have to listen to my body or else something bad will happen.


Lynn said...

yep, exercise is a must. when is your EDD, mitch?

anyways, happy thanksgiving! enjoy the turkey! :)

Michelle said...

March 30. I did enjoy the turkey with rice of course. :)