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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving ^_^

I'm not feeling well today because of my sore throat which is also the reason why I didn't have enough sleep last night. But that didn't stop me to celebrate today's holiday. Hubby and I started preparing for our thanksgiving dinner at 4 pm. I cooked the stuffing first, then hubby prepared the turkey and preheated the oven. My lower belly started to hurt so I pause for a while and told hubby about it. He told me to take a rest coz we're not in a hurry. He also said that we should enjoy the thanksgiving. I sat for a few minutes and when I felt okay I went back to the kitchen. Then I cooked the cranberry sauce, pearl onions and last the petite green peas with onions and rice while hubby cooked the sweet potatoes. After 4 hours of preparing and cooking, we're ready to eat. Here are our photos...
Hubby and me.

Me slicing the turkey breast for hubby.

And for me too.

For dessert, coconut cake. Yummy!


Lynn said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and your hubby! Yummy turkey! Meron pa? Penge! LOL.


Allen's Darling said...

Hi Michelle

Can i eat hehehehe coconut cake my favorite.... see yah.

can i ask a favor can u join my love contest? Here....Foreign-Mariages

see yah

NovaS said...

awww..kalami sa turkey oi...nahurot pud na ninyo chel? hehehehe.. kamo ra duha? nagutom jud ko tanaw ba.. hehehehe

belated happy thanksgiving...

Anonymous said...

Dili gyud ka mailhan preggy Inday gamay kaayo emo tiyan buyag.

Michelle said...

Lynn: Yeah, we still have the turkey for tonight's dinner and for tomorrow. hehe Dali, ngaon ta. :)

Allen's darling: Thanks for the invitation but I think I prefer not to be part of any contest now coz my time on the computer depends when my back doesn't hurt after sitting. Besides, entering the contest needs time and effort and I don't want any pressure at the moment. Di unya ko makatug miga kay na bother sa contest. :)

NovaS: Nah, part ra sa breast and among nakaon kay kami raman duha. Nya naa pa side dish, rice ug dessert. Wana kabutangan sa uban kung daghanon namo ug kaon. haha Dali, tabangan nato ug kaon ang turkey. :)

Jacob said...

wow, galing naman, happy thanksgiving, chelle, belated :-) how was the baby?

amiable amy said... sweet and solemn naman girl...i like it...romantic effect ba...ako, kaawawa dahil nagka migraine...anyway, happy thanksgiving day...belated

Ilocana said...

Wow naman, kasarap! Medyo late na but belated Happy Thanksgiving pa rin. Ha,ha. We're having a great time here. Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary celebration was a blast! Lot's of people!... Okay, see yah and happy shopping!

seelan info said...

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rheiboy17 said...

wow, sarap naman. belated happy thanks giving, advance merry christmas. ano naman kaya desert sa noche buena? pakiblog ha. :-)

Michelle said...

simplymama: tungod na sa akong gisuot kay ang print makapagamay, makailad. hehe

jacob: belated happy thanksgiving too. the baby is okay, still kickin' every single day. :)

amiable amy: i actually took advantage of this year's event while the baby is not born yet kasi baka next year wala na akong time to prepare for everything. pero sana meron pa ring time. wawa ka naman, pero ok lang very helpful naman si hubby mo. :)

ilocana: good to hear that you had a great time there. see you soon. :)

seelaninfo: visited your blog again. about adding your link, i'll do it once you're done adding me. :)

rheiboy17: belated thanksgiving din. talagang advance ang christmas greetings mo ha. hehe hmm tingnan ko lang kung may dessert kami sa noche buena, baka coconut cake na naman. :) sana makauwi kana sa pinas, hirap ma stranded sa ibang bansa. good luck!