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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I need more sleep but how?

We had thunder, lightnings and rain last night which I was thankful because it's nice to sleep when you hear the raindrops falling. Though I wanted to drop ec last night but I turned the computer off early coz I heard some clicks on the wires here inside the office and I'm afraid that the lightning will destroy the computer or something. Because of that I went to bed early but unfortunately I was just staring the ceiling and checking on the clock when I was already in bed. Then comes midnight and I still can't sleep so I get up at 12:30 am, read a book hoping that it will put me to sleep. At 3:00 am I started yawning so I went to bed again and was able to sleep at last. I guess this is a challenge of being a mom, not having enough sleep even if you have time to sleep. It seems that my sleeping habit is a mess now and I am hoping that I can figure out soon of what's the best sleeping position for me. For those who are mom's already, did you experience and feel the same way too? :)


Lynn said...

lucky for me, i haven't experienced those sleepless nights, Mitch. lami nuon kaayo ikatulog pirmi. ngano kaha ng imo? have you asked your doctor about it?

Michelle said...

you really are lucky when your preggy with yogi. my friends and the practitioner said that it's just part of being pregnant. i told the practitioner that it bothers me if the baby is awake at night and she said that we can't control the baby so all she can say is to get some sleep whenever i can. there are suggestions in the book that i've been reading about sleeping positions with the support of pillows on my back, tummy and in between legs. i tried it and sometimes it work but not all the time. oh well, maybe it's just part of being preggy. :)