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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Women and Money

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Money is very important while you're still alive so let's talk a little about it. Most women doesn't know how to handle money correctly or let's say doesn't have a good relationship with their money. Yes, that's what Suze Orman said that we should have a good relationship with our money or else we'll be in trouble for not liking it. Money should be our friend and not our enemy. I know that some women don't want to deal with numbers (like me) because we thought that numbers are only good for men. But what if the man in your life is not there anymore? Will you still be in good shape or you'll be in trouble? Not learning to like numbers is not good and we know that. So as early as now, we should know our relationship with money. Girls are born to shop but we have to learn also how to control ourself when to stop shopping and say no to impulse buy. I'm still trying to have a good relationship with money coz sometimes I forget the priorities when I get carried away of the sale items in the store. I think most women can relate to that. :) If you're depending on your husband, chances are you'll be lame when he's gone. We women should know our financial status to avoid ending up in disaster. It's better to be prepared so if the unexpected happen, we know that we're safe and can move on easily. :)

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