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Saturday, December 6, 2008


I was craving for yema/s lately so I made some last Wednesday night. Hubby told me that he never heard of the condensed milk made into a candy so I told him to just watch and see. hehe After I finished cooking the yemas, I started rolling the cooked condensed milk on my hands to make a little circle ones (bite size) which made hubby wonder why I put the hot candied condensed milk on my hands coz it's really hot. haha Well, we pinoys know that once it's cold then it becomes hard also which is very difficult to form it into little circles so I have to sacrifice my hands. The photos below are the result. After making the small circles I transferred them into a separate plastic individually so they become chewy for a longer period of time. Hubby loved it and my friends too. :)


Lynn said...

wow yema! got nostalgic all of a sudden. i used to sell yema during my elementary and high school years. ana ko ka negosyante. haha. mingaw nuon ko yema da.

ka nice pud sa imo yema, mitch. nakabalot pa jud ba. :)

Michelle said...

haha same here. i used to sell yema/s too when i was in elementary school and my profit goes into my mouth. haha

NovaS said...

Whoaaa... Chel.. you have given me the idea of what to make this christmas a treat and that Yema. .hahahaha.. kay saon di man ko makaluto ug puto cheese mupalit pakog steamer hahahaha..

Got your comment answered HERE

Renz said...

waaa I want one! could you send me the procedure? hehehe..

DebbieDana said...

oh my.....i love yema!!!