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Friday, January 2, 2009

Celebrating New Year with Bisdak Friends

I received a call yesterday morning from a friend that I was invited for a little party. I was getting ready to go to church when the house phone rang and the voice leaving a message sounds familiar to me but I need to get out of the house coz hubby was waiting for me outside. When I arrived home I listen to the voicemail message right away and called my friend about it. I told my friend that I'll go and after our conversation I told hubby about it. I just remember that I supposed to cook steak for our New Year celebration but hubby said that it's okay. I felt guilty thinking that I'm not going to spend dinner with hubby so I told him that I'll still cook the steak for him and veggies that he like but he told me to just relax and not worry about him coz he'll figure out something later if he's hungry. So here are the photos of how I spent my New Year with friends.

Because we're all bisaya, a friend of mine cooked this "otan bisaya". Yummy!

Pork adobo.

Not sure what this is but I think it's caldereta.

Cassava cake.

Baked salmon with lemon and atchara on the side.

Baked lechon. :)

Pancit bihon.


Me and my bisaya friends.

Cheers for the year 2009!

I arrived home I think 10:20 pm and the first thing hubby asked me was "Did you have fun?" hehe Of course my answer is "yes!" or else I went home early if I didn't enjoy there. Then hubby said "Good!" I told hubby that we're still going to celebrate the New Year together and that's today. It's late but better late than never. ^_^


ron6033 said...

I miss the shakoy (sakoy). I will try to make it and post it also in the Carinderia... thanks for sharing. Looked like you had a good time. Hope you made balot for your hubby :-).

amiable amy said...

hayyy, sarap ng buhay may pinoy na kasama....puro puti mani ako kauban diri oyyy

thanks for sharing the photos

NovaS said...

the foods really looks tempting... i have a watering mouth all the way reading your post...

kalami kayod ato ay... pastilan...

happy new year chel..

Lynn said...

Filipino food will always be the yummiest food on earth. Haha. Love our own jud ako drama ba.

Anyways, you looked like you had fun even though wala si hubby, Mitch. Belated happy new year!

PS: Got something for u...

Marie said...

Hi Mitch,

Kalami sa otan bisaya oi.... naa pay salin dinha LOL. Bitaw oi kimingaw na kaayo ko ana plus shakoy!

Belated Happy Holiday salamat sa pagbisita sa akong payag.