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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Little Angel's Theme

I wasn't really thinking of what our little one's theme would be. I thought it's not that important. My plan was to buy what's needed and that's it. What I need to buy is the bumper for the crib and a fitted sheet but I found the Oceana crib set (6 in 1) on sale and I remember how expensive a crib set is at the baby store so I bought it before it's gone. When hubby and I were at the baby store to buy the stroller, playpen and carseat, I checked on the Oceana theme and guess what? The accessories are on sale 75% off. So I told hubby to buy some of the accessories to make our little one's theme somewhat complete. The pictures below are the accessories called "Sea Life".


Lynn said...

wow! ka nice. i love the color. remember nako tong buntis pud ko, excited kaayo ko mag shopping sa gamit sa bb. and naka arrange na tanan even before he was born. maka miss pud baya naa bb oi. when kaya ko makahimo usab? LOL.

Twerlyn said...

what a great deal you got! Hope I can find the same 75% off when we get there. =)

PS: Chelle, thank you for the response. I replied again. =)

SEDONA said...

congrats.god bless u.

monica said...

hi! back from a looong hiatus! I missed your posts!!! how are things? :)

Michelle said...

Lynn: haha pareha mo sa akong mga miga diri, na miss nila ang pagbuntis. makahimo ra unya ka lynn ug laing bb kung naa na si Mr. Right. kumusta naman diay tuod mo sa imong HB. :)

Twerlyn: yeah, it was really a good deal. my idea is to buy what's on sale and if the stuff i like is not on sale then it's not meant for me unless if i need it right away then i have to pay the whole price. it takes time to learn about shopping game and i regret buying stuff that are on sale the next time i visit the store. actually, there are stores where you can find a great deal with name brands. let me know if you're interested to know which store pinoys love to shop here. :)

Sedona: Thanks and take care! :)

Monica: Thanks for visiting my blog again. :)