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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Food and Me...

Food, food, food. There's a lot of food to choose from. Restaurants are everywhere but I only like a few of them. I tried Indian, Chinese, Italian, Cajun, German, American, Vietnamese, Mexican and Filipino restaurants and the one that I like the most is of course the Filipino restaurant. Too bad, it's not available here. Anyways, those different cuisines are pretty interesting to me because my palate is used to the foods in the Philippines. I sometimes long for the Filipino cooking every now and then but I also have to learn how to like the foods that are available here. Now I learn to like the steak which I don't like even just the smell of it when I first arrive here. According to my Uncle who's in New Jersey that when he first went back to Philippines, he ate a lot of the stinky dried fish there because he missed it but after staying here for years, he said that the smell really stink. haha Isn't it funny? As of now, I still like the stinky foods which hubby sometimes asked me why I dare to eat the dried fish and squid that stinks but not the steamed vegetables which is good for my health. Oh well, I need more time to like the steamed veggies because it taste bitter. But I force myself to eat veggies here if I'm feeling weak or sick. No good. haha

Here's my opinion about the different cuisines that I tried...

Chinese - yummy but oily

Indian - more on hot and spicy. I can't understand the taste but will give it a second chance.

German - it was okay I think coz I wasn't complaining after eating. And in my third trimester, I love to eat in a Greek Resto here.

Mexican - I like the salsa and chips but most of their foods smell like kili-kili. haha

Cajun - spicy. I tried it a few times but didn't like the taste. Only their stuffed pork chop is acceptable to my taste buds.

Italian - It's acceptable. I love the Olive Garden Resto!

Vietnamese - similar to chinese cooking... yummy but oily.

American - steak and potato are a good match. I miss it sometimes especially if I can smell it. haha

Filipino - oh my, i miss pinoy foods soooooo much! How I wish to go back Pinas just to eat the foods there again. But it's too far and very expensive. (sad)


Lynn said...

gigutom man sad kog read ani nga post, sis especially kay merienda time na dinhi unya wa pa ko ka merienda. hulat pa ko nila and we'll have pancit bihon unya ipalaman sa cream bread. yummy! :)

Ilocana said...

Drop by lang,, saka na serious comment he,he.