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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I was dropping EC one time when I saw a video of how to make turon (banana wrapped in eggroll wrapper) at Manong Ken's Carinderia website so I thought of making it someday. A friend of mine also mentioned that one of our Pinay friends here love to make this turon so that made me interested to try making it last week. This was my dinner and ate them all. Yummy! I will make this again. ^_^


Gorgeous MUM said...

hello, my beautiful pregnant friend! i'm back! grabe, i missed out a lot!

got lots of readings to do! lol!

hope you still remember me!

Michelle said...

Hi Gorgeous Mum! Of course I still remember you! I visit your blog sometimes wondering of how you're doing. Nice to hear from you again. :)

Lynn said... ever favorite turon. hehe. mayo kay kabalo na ka muluto ani,sis. ako kay igo ra kaon. haha.

Michelle said...

sayon ra baya diay ni himuon, abi nako ug lisod. maningkamot ta ug luto ani kay wa raba diri mamaligya ug turon sa kilid2. hehe di pareha diha nga naay daghan baligya sa kilid sa dalan, pili lang ka unsa gusto pero diri wa jud tawn. taw lang ug iro ang mag lakaw2 sa kilid sa dalan. :)