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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pregnancy Update and Ladies Night...

My day started with an OB appointment today. Hubby went with me coz he wants to know if my OB or practitioner will say something that he needs to know. Baby's heartbeat is 147 and I am 1 1/2 cm. dilated. Whoah! That surprise me and hubby knowing that the baby might come out any time soon though my due date is on the 30th of this month. So now we're just waiting for my bag of water to break or if I have 7 to 5 minutes regular contraction in 1 hour or if I have an intense pain coz that's the time to go to the Hospital. Hubby asked if I can still drive and the practitioner said that it's okay as long as I am 5-15 minutes away from the Hospital just in case something happen. We then had our lunch at an Irish Pub then headed to the Asian Market and went home. I made some eggrolls to throw in the freezer so after I give birth I have something to cook right away. Hubby went home and pick me up for another appointment and that's for our baby's Pediatrician. The Pediatrician interviewed us and we also interviewed him but mostly it's hubby who asked the questions that I told him to ask. The interview went well and we probably choose him and his wife as our baby's Pediatrician if I give birth tonight or tomorrow but we are expecting a call from another Pediatrician that a friend of mine referred to so we'll see.

Well, a friend of mine called me early this morning and said that we might have a ladies night out tonight and she'll call me back if it's confirm that we'll go out. After knowing that I am 1 1/2 cm dilated, I talked to my baby and told her not to come out yet coz mommy wants to have a good time first before she comes out. haha Hubby teased me that the baby will come out tonight but after my friend called me to confirm that we're going out, hubby wasn't worried if I go out driving alone and he even told me to have fun. (wink) I told hubby to put my luggage in the trunk of my car just in case the baby wants to come out while I'm on the road or at the Restaurant with my friends then I don't need to go home. All I need to do is go to the Hospital myself and meet hubby there. Then I put a towel on my seat, getting ready for the mess that my bag of water will bring. I hit the road and had a good time eating seafoods and chit chatting with my friends at the Chinese Buffet Resto especially the birthday treat (free dinner). haha We went to a shopping center after dinner and met at the store that we like to shop to see if there are items on sale. After that we decided to continue our chitchat at home coz my friends wants to see the baby stuff. hehe We had a good laugh sharing stories and experiences then my friends went home before midnight. It's nice to have friends around. I think everybody enjoyed the night though it's cold outside. :)

Here we are at our fave Chinese Buffet Restaurant. :)

Me and my friends again at home with our little angel's crib. ^_^


Ilocana said...

Seems like nobody wants to go pa last night, walang go signal, walang uuwi, nyaha,ha,ha! Everybody really enjoyed the chit-chats last night,,,and the yummy hot cocoa and the soft bake cookies that you served! Thanks!!! Hope we didn't bother you both that much, he,he,he... Sa uulitin :)

Michelle said...

Ay, oks lang. I asked hubby if we're loud and he said "not bad". haha As what you said before, kung di ko pa feel lumabas after delivery then kayo muna susulong dito. ^_^

Ilocana said...

Wow naman, featured kami... Mga astig mong friends, ha,ha,ha!

Sure, kaya lang di na pueding maingay cuz may baby na,,he,he.. Tinginan at whispering na lang nyaha,ha!..

Michelle said...

Tingnan natin kung pwede ba ang tinginan at whispering kahit may baby na. I think ma carried away pa rin tayo na tumawa ng malakas. haha Ilagay na lang sa room si baby para di ma disturb. :)