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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breastfeeding foods...

I've been told that stews are good for breastfeeding moms. Before I gave birth, a Pinay friend told me to call her once I gave birth so she can cook stew for me. Nice huh! Anyways, she made a stew before I gave birth coz she thought I gave birth already. haha Then another Pinay friend drop by and brought a beef stew, ham and rice for me and hubby. The next day another Pinay friend drop by and brought a fish stew. So nice of them to think that we don't have the time to cook coz we're so tired and their foods really made us full. haha I am so thankful to the girls who care about bringing me the foods. I was thinking of ordering at the restaurant so I can have a soup but the girls stews are way better than the one I can get at the restaurant. I really enjoyed eating and sipping them. It made me smile after eating and hubby was happy seeing me enjoying the free foods. hahaha


Lynn said...

yes, that's good for u talaga sis. most specially shell soup. try to get one. :)

Twerlyn said...

basta buutan daghan jud magmahal. Maau ka pa easy lang breastfeeding nimo,wala ka sakitan.

Me? perteng pag antos as in silot..mao wala ko nidugay sa BFeeding..1month ra. I really wish jud na breastfeeding ko for a year but ambot ngano mas sakit pa sa labor ako mafeel during breastfeeding or each time mu lactate.

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

those food are good for you

Michelle said...

Lynn: Yeah, good that you mentioned it. I'll try to get some if there's available in the store. :)

Twerlyn: Thanks! Nah hapit na sad ko mo surrender pag breastfeed kay hapdos na akong nipple. Mao daw na mahitabo if di matarong ug latch on ang baby. Dapat wide open ang mouth sa baby para di daw sakit. Sigehan ko tudlo sa mga nurse sa didto pa sa hospital then naa sad video ug mga instructions nga gihatag about breastfeeding. Then gihatagan sad ko ug ointment sa nurse nga ibutang sa nipple after every feeding aron di na kaayo sakit ang nipple. Kung feel nako nga wala kaayo ko gatas or sakit akong nipple, patabang dayon ko sa formula. hehe

Mica: Yeah, that's why my friends are sending me stews so I can produce more milk for my baby. It's really nice to have caring friends around. :)

Lynn said...

hello sis!

got something for u..

Anonymous said...

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Gorgeous MUM said...

nice to have good friends who cook for you! hahaha!

i used to take malungay capsules while i was breastfeeding kaiden. i have them flown over to dubai from the phils. maybe you can get it there too. but those soups are just as good, made especially for you!

nancy said...

beef stew is great... just make sure to get the tender meat...

congrats, Chelle for this so precious addition to your family. she looks so pretty and lovely!