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Friday, April 17, 2009

Ladies Night Again...

We had ladies night out last week Thursday and today Ilocana texted me if I can go out tonight for the ladies night. I called hubby first if he can come home early and hubby said that he already planned to come home early today so I texted Ilocana back to let her know that I can go out. Time flies so fast, I didn't even realize that tomorrow is weekend already. I thought today is Thursday and because of that I wasn't able to go to the Asian Market yesterday. Grrrrr (Gi amnesia na si lola) Oh well, better luck next time. I just wish that our veggies will last til next week. I better get ready. Happy weekend! ^_^


Lynn said...

memory gap, sis. lol. happy weekend too. :)

Lynn said...

hello sis.

naa ko tag for u.

happy sunday!

Cecile said...

congrats with your little bundle of joy :-); sorry didn't get the chance to visit you blog for i just got back from my trip to Philippines :-), happy to see Claira, she is so cute!