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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pedia Appointment

Hubby took some hours off last Thursday for Claira's Pedia appointment. I had a stomach ache an hour before the appointment time which I thought I might not be able to go with hubby and Claira but I tried my best to stay calm and do what I needed to do. Hubby told me that I don't need to go if I'm sick but I don't think he'll be able to do things by himself if Claira need something coz I'm the one doing all the packing for Claira's things and they are in my bag. Besides, I've written down some questions that I want to ask for the Pedia. Claira's been spitting up since day one when she was born and until now she's still doing that. Good thing that the Enfamil sent me a coupon to ask a free sample at the Pedia's office of the formula for babies that spit up so I asked one. I also asked of Claira's Apgar score coz I can't find it when I looked at the papers that the Hospital nurse gave us. We still didn't know Claira's Apgar score but the nurse at the Pedia's office told me to ask her again next time coz they don't have it yet in their record. Claira is still a little jaundice but the Doctor said that she looks better now than the last visit which is good coz I thought we need to go to the Laboratory again to check Claira's bilirubin. Then the Doctor checked Claira's height and weight and the Doctor said that she's doing well. We get the next Pedia appointment and went to Asian Market afterwards. Claira was behaving all day. I think she likes going out coz we notice that she enjoys the ride. On our way back home, hubby and I ordered a Mexican take out for our dinner. :)


WebbieLady said...

Wow Mitch! It's been a long time since I last visited here. Your baby is up and she's cute! Amazing!

Lynn said...

for sure, mahilig pud mugimik si bb claira inig dako. hehe.

Lynn said...

hello sis.. dito na naman me to deliver another award for u..:)

Gorgeous MUM said...

when kaiden was a few weeks old, we notice that he likes being in a car, or in short, going out! i guess they like the motion. hope everything's well with your baby princess!

btw, i've got something for you HERE!

Maus said...

kabayan added you to my list,(michelle) your blog get my interest. specially now im preggy too. i want to learn more about your stories..thanks for sharing....

Geraldine Anne Toring said...

hi michelle! :)
i have a tag for you..check it out :)