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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Smile baby... smile! ^_^

It feels so good when you see your little one smiling at you but that didn't happen until lately. Claira normally smiles when she's asleep, she even laugh, cry and frown. As a mom, you'll start to wonder if your baby is growing or developing right. So I tried to talk to her if she's awake and slowly she started to respond. I've been reading a book about babies and also surf the internet about baby's development month to month so I know what to expect every month. I think Claira is on the right track according to what I read. In some way she's advance like the rolling over. In the month to month development of a baby, the baby will start rolling over by month 4 but Claira started to roll over when she's exactly one month old. Hubby's co-worker was surprised coz his co-worker's baby started to roll over when his baby was already 8 months old. Then I noticed that Claira is so attentive when I sing to her, dance and snap my fingers. It seems that she like to imitate me coz she'll spit the pacifier and concentrate looking at me and my fingers. Then she start moving her shoulders and her hand as if she's dancing and tried snapping her little fingers too. haha She now smile back at me also. It's fun to watch her trying to imitate what I'm doing. Even if I don't have enough sleep, her smile made me smile too. :)

Here she is, trying to talk to me while I'm playing with her.


Ilocana said...

Wow, ang cute nya ha! Look alike talaga ni John, he,he. Can't wait to see her again...

Gorgeous MUM said...

claira's smile is sooo sweet!

2 more sleeps and it's Mother's Day! have a great one! it's your 1st! surely it will be a speacial day! have fun!

Lynn said...

oh...isn't she adorable? kiss ko beh. mwah!

PinayWAHM said...

Ka cute!~

Just want to greet you a Happy Mother's Day! It's your first so it's definitely one special day for you!

Mommy J