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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New in FB

Yeah, I'm now a Facebook member and it made me nuts! Why? I have a lot of relatives there. I had no idea that FB is where most of the people go. It seems that everybody's checking their FB all the time. I had fun but needs to figure out about other features. :)


w.a.i.t. said...

well i find FB as a stress reliever, since lots of friends are member on this account. You will be addicted soon as so am i hehe try their intererting applications

Gorgeous MUM said...

Hello! Dropping by from the freezing but sunny state in Australia!

Lynn said...

glad to know that, sis. friends unya ta didto. then maybe u could try farming and then, silingan dayon ta. hehe.

Ilocana said...

Hey, guess what? I just signed up too! It's sooo different frm Friendster so I had no idea what to do next, ha,ha! But I already ask Ella for a free tutorial, ha,ha!... Oh, I'm trying to find you using your full name but no match. Can't find your e-mail ad either so I wasn't able to add you. Anyway, I'll text you 2morow for my e-mail ad I used. Oki-doc. ^_^