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Friday, July 31, 2009

Scary thunderstorm

Me and my pinay girl friends were out yesterday for our usual ladies night out once a week. A friend of mine told me that her husband warned her about the weather so she called me and told me about it coz I was planning to bring Claira with me since hubby said that he'll be home late. I checked my cellphone for the weather and it only says scattered thunderstorm and isolated thunderstorm. I thought, maybe not in our area so it's okay. I was getting ready to go out so I called hubby of what time he exactly come home. He told me that he's getting ready to be home so I called my friend and told her that Claira will stay with hubby. As soon as I arrive at the parking lot, the rain started pouring really hard with the strong wind, scary sound of thunder and lightning. I thought I'll be stucked in the car! I can feel the car was shaking a little bit from the strong wind and I can see the trees blown by the wind really hard as if there's a typhoon. I waited for a while til it's not too windy or the wind will blow me away. haha Good thing I have a jacket inside the car so I used it instead of umbrella. As soon as I saw a man running from the restaurant to his car, I went out from the car and went to the restaurant. Whew! That was a scary one! I thought there's a tornado coming! hahaha We enjoyed our dinner though and went to the bookstore after. Too bad I didn't bring my camera for some pics of the weather and the food. :)


Ilocana said...

Really scary, good thing we got at the resto before the storm started, :-) And the food melted away our worries :D

Michelle said...

haha right. :)

Lynn said...

scary jud. how does it feel when u receive tornado warnings sis?

Gorgeous MUM said...

Have a productive and joyous week ahead!

Solo said...

Oh that was scary. But i am glad that nothing bad happen to you and your friends. ;D

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