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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Body Clock

Claira's appointment was a success but because of her vaccines and flu shot her body clock changed. She wasn't sleeping the first night after she had her shots and she had a slight fever. Hubby and I also weren't sleeping coz Claira slept with us. We always do that everytime Claira's sick so we can monitor her. Besides, she's fussy if she's sick and hubby think that maybe Claira doesn't wanna be alone if she's in pain. For a couple of days Claira's been sleeping early in the morning and had naps during the day then fussy in the evening. But yesterday her body clock is slowly going back to normal again. She was able to sleep last night before midnight and woke up early in the morning today then went back to sleep. I hope she won't be fussy tonight... :)


Twerlyn said...

Hope she's ok now..

Naa secret aron dili lagnaton ang baby after shots..take ug tylenol syrup for baby before ang shot, then continue painom after 6hours..mawala ra dayon na iya lagnat kinaugmaan.

Michelle said...

ako bitaw gisultian ang nurse nga pwede pa paimnon daan ug tylenol before sa shots aron di sad sakitan pero wa nisugot kay naa man lagi oral nga vaccine ihatag. i-try nako ug painom before mi moadto sa doctor kung sugot sad ako bana. thanks sa tips. :)

Summer said...

Wish her a good health. And hope she will be ok sooner. Have a wonderful day ahead. =D

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Lynn said...

hay, maka relate jud ko ana. di baya lalim magka bb no pero bayad ang hago sa gamay nga ngisi ra sa bata. diba?

Michelle said...

Summer: Thanks! She's now ok. :)

Lynn: That's true. Her smile and laugh made us soooo happy even if we're tired. :)