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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

H1N1 shot

Claira had an appointment this morning for the H1N1 shot. We thought she won't get it coz the last time we visit her Pediatrician for her second Flu shot the Doctor said that they don't have it yet coz the high risk people are the priority. Then the Doctor called hubby and said that they have the H1N1 for Claira. Hubby scheduled an appointment right away so Claira can get it. Claira cried after she had the shot today and stopped crying when hubby was carrying her. She's now a good baby even after her shots. She did the same thing in her second flu shot too, cried for seconds then done. In her previous shots she's fussy, wanted mom and dad's attention all the time and cried for 2 days or so. What a big relief! :)


NovaS said...

oh yeah...i have my own shot too..good thing that my OB dave it to me before the flu season starts.. it really helps alot kay kadaghan jud nangasakit sa workplace namo...

Jules said...

Thank god Claira was able to get the H1N1 shot. Have a great week. =D

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