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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little but a handful

Our little one learns to sit by herself on thanksgiving day. Hubby and I were surprised to see her sitting while we're busy preparing for the thanksgiving dinner. Claira was amazed that she already know how to sit and she's trying to master it. She still not into crawling though but she knows what to do if she wants to get something that is out of her reach. She drags herself or roll over to go where she wanted to and she knows how to escape from her zone (the one in the first picture). We want her to explore around the house but we want her to be safe too. She's been touching and studying the furnitures in the family room and how she can open them. We don't want to always tell her NO coz that is not good for her. I was reading books again about babies specifically with Claira's age so I know what to expect and how to deal with her when she does something unexpected. She now notice of what she can do to her toys with her little fingers. It's nice to see her learn and grow but she's a handful too. I noticed that her zone looks clutter full of her toys so I put her toys in a pink box and put it beside her zone. She now learn how to get the toys from the pink box but didn't know how to return them yet. I'll teach her how to do that someday when she's old enough to do it herself. As of now, she put her toys anywhere and I put her toys back to the pink box when she's done playing with them but I'll wait til she's playing with something else or she'll be frustrated that I return her toys to the box right away. Well, I think there'll be more clutter to come. She now have an attitude that everything we have is hers too and she wants to taste them all. hahaha

Claira in her zone...

Claira on thanksgiving day. :)


GMIL & TLC said...

ka cute ana niya gwapa oi...gwapa kaayo liwat sa momi huh! labay lang ko

Twerlyn said...

ka bongga sa playpen nya oi!Bitaw ngano kaha dili ganahan ang baby ug "NO", maghilaka..mao instead of NO, amoa nalang isulti is "don't do that"..wala baya ko basa2x ug books..magbasa nalang ko sa imong blog Chelle aron makatuon ko.. Mag-plano na baya mi another in two years.k

Michelle said...

GMIL and TLC: Thanks for the nice comment and for dropping by. :)

Twerlyn: that's good. kami sad after 2 yrs ang plan kung makahuwat pa. hehe nindot kung taas2 pa ang gap pero ang edad sige man sad saka oi. magbasa ko books lyn kay maayo ng naa idea unsa buhaton, basin sayop unya ako mabuhat. magbasol unya ko after. :)

vicy said...

Hello sis..Dugay na jud ka wala ka bisita mao wla ka nka hearing nga preggy ko..My baby Mac is almost 2 months now..Cute kaayo c Claira..Kisses to her