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Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm talking about Claira. She's crawling around the house lately, opening cabinets and grabbing the stuff inside. She's also pulling herself up to grab stuff that is out of her reach like the remote controls on the side table and her toys. It's nice to see her explore the world around her. I was reading the book about babies again regarding Claira's age for her milestones and what to expect. It says there that even though we the parents doesn't want the house to look messy, it's good for the baby to make a mess coz that's how she learn about the things around her. But of course when she's already in bed for the long night sleep, hubby or I will arrange her toys and put some to her toy boxes ready for her to play the next day. I noticed how happy she was when she saw her toys arranged and ready for her to play again. :)

Here she is going back to the family room from the kitchen.

She love to play the remote controls.

Messing around her zone.

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