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Monday, January 4, 2010

Runny nose

Not me but my little one Claira had that. Saturday night she was a little congested which woke her up crying coz maybe she can't fully breath. I'm glad that we have 3 suctions in the house, it really helped her to go back to sleep again. Every 1 hour to 3 hours she cried and her nose is wet again. She was fussy and always wanted to be carried with mom or dad which is normal for any sick baby for comfort and feel secure. She also had a slight fever last night. Hubby bought pain relievers and cough and cold medicine/spray just in case Claira's situation becomes worst. We use the nasal spray for her runny nose last night and tylenol for her fever. She felt better a few minutes she had the medicine and spray. And this morning when she woke up she was in good spirit, talking and ready to play. It's a good timing coz today also was her Doctor's appointment for her 9 month check up. We thought that she's still sick today eventhough she didn't have the runny nose anymore but the nurse at her Doctor's office said that Claira is just fine, no fever when they check her temperature. Thanks heaven! The nurse gave her a shot for the vaccine and prick on her little finger for some test (forgot what it was for). But anyways, Claira's been a good girl after all the drama (crying) at the Doctor's office. She did remember the place and she doesn't want to lie down on the patients bed. She was doing okay while we're talking to the Doctor about our concerns and questions and as soon as the Doctor mentioned that Claira can have the shot for her vaccine (coz she's not sick anymore), she cried again. I think she knows what the Doctor said. Poor baby but it's good for her health so we have to do it even if it hurts.

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