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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Stronger

I'm talking about my little one Claira. She's now getting stronger, crawling fast especially if she have something on her hand that she doesn't want you to get. She's grabbing heavy books like my cookbooks in the kitchen, her thick story book and we were amazed how she moved the heavy tripod. She's also exploring more in our house. She now likes to go into the shelves, under the table and coffee table. I wonder what she's thinking these days but it seems that she wanted to know if she'll fit in a small space and try it. She can now stand up without holding to anything for a few seconds. Soon she'll be running around. haha


jenn_US said...

claira looks like she's already a handful! she looks adorable.

Michelle said...

thanks jenn! yeah, super handful na si Claira but we tried to give her the freedom also to explore so she knows how to be independent and learn what's around her. :)

Solo said...

Wow! She really look so strong. And getting bigger and bigger eh!? ;D
Grow pretty little girl. ;D

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Lynn said...

she's so cute! kids her age are so curious pa. just let her explore kay that's how they improve and learn things daw.