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Monday, February 15, 2010

Spicy Shrimps just for ME

Yeah, a plate full of spicy shrimps cooked just for me yesterday for our dinner. Isn't it sweet? I really felt so special but I hope I won't become fat for eating them all. hahaha This Chinese Buffet that hubby, Claira and I went yesterday was recommended by individuals that knows hubby. So hubby decided to try going there today or he'll forget it. I was glad that they have a lot of seafoods but when the waitress asked me if I want spicy shrimps I said YES right away without thinking of how many shrimps I'll get. I just thought they'll cook some for everybody but the waitress delivered the shrimps directly to our table. Anyways, I wasn't able to try all the seafoods they had because of the spicy shrimps. How I wish I have a big tummy so I can eat all the seafoods I want. hehe Joke! I think God gave me the little tummy for the little me. ^_^

The spicy shrimps cooked just for me. Woohoo!

My first plate. I gave the chicken to hubby so I have more room for the shrimps. Yum!


Lynn said...

yummy! i love shrimps but not spicy please. hehe.

belated happy v-day!

Mayet said...

this is the 3rd blog I have visited with post about food,well I am not complaining-it's just that I am getting hungry ;=) and shrimp is one of my favorite.
have a good day!!

Michelle said...

Lynn: it's not very spicy man sis, mild lang. abi gani nako ug wala jud halang pero naa diay gamay. :)

Mayet: i won't blame you yet. me too would drool if i can see blogs posting foods that i love to eat. ^_^