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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 more weeks...

... and it will be Claira's 1st Birthday! Wow! I can't believe she'll be one this month. It's just like yesterday when she was born but now she's almost walking by herself. I'm trying to figure out how I can be a supermom, super cook, super cleaner, super organizer and etc. without having a headache, sleepless nights and tired. I'm hoping that Claira will have fun on that day so as the kids and the parents. I'm inviting 6-7 Pinay friends, their husbands and kids and our retired neighbor. It's not a lot of guests but thinking about doing everything without any help from anybody is very overwhelming. I'm hoping for a successful party. (crossing my fingers and toes) ^_^

Kitchen decoration

Family room

Claira and the family room decoration for her birthday next week.


Solo said...

Wow! Cool! Love your decoration. Simple but so fun to be in. ;D Time flies fast indeed. Happy birthday to Claira. ;D More birthdays to come.

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April said...

Oh wow1 Is Claira really turning 1 year old? So happy for her. Happy birthday to her! I love that birthday banner, so cute!

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Jenn said...

im sure it's going to be a blast! nice decorations u have there. excited for the bday pictures. advance happy birthday to your princess, mich!

Michelle said...

Thanks guys for the nice comments and greetings! Yeah, she'll be one year old next week. I'm so excited for her. ^_^

Lynn said...

pooh and friends pala ang theme. just like my nephew's. nice sis! grabe ra, getting ready this early na. and imagine that, mag 1yo na si claira. murag nus-a lang man to nga dako pa imo tiyan. hehe.

yogi's turning 7 na rin on march 28. dalia ra oi. before i knew it, naa na ko binata. haay! thinking about it makes me feel so old. hahaha.

NovaS said...

Chel, nice imong decoration.. ikaw ray nag decor2x ana? excited napud ko makakita sa pics sa imong dagang gamay.. time flies soooo fast jud ay...