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Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

I know this is already late but late is better than never right? -_^ I hope you had a good Easter this year. Hubby, Claira and I went to an Easter Party with the Pinoys here. There were games and of course the egg hunting for kids. It's Claira's first time to be on the grass. She probably wonder what they are and put a clover in her mouth. Here are some photos of our Easter Sunday...

Claira, emote style. :)

Touching the grass

Egg hunting

Kainan time. haha


NovaS said...

dako na jud Claira ba...sunod ani daga na ni sya...

Michelle said...

mao jud. dali ra modako ang bata Nov. sunod motubag na ni nako si Claira. hehe