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Friday, June 11, 2010

We're Waiting

That's what the pile of magazines that I have are probably saying if they can only talk to me. haha I was lucky enough to subscibe them for free because of our expiring miles and subscribing the mags for free is a great option to redeem those unused miles we had. At least, we're still able to use them before they expire and that made me busy but in a good way. I love reading magazines especially if I can get good infos. from it. It's very relaxing for me and inspiring so what I have now are more about on health issues for men and women, women and women stuff. Well, there's not so much to choose from so I picked what I might want to read or just look. And because Claira was always wanting mommy's attention and wants to be held or just be with me because of her teething problem, the magazines I received are now piling up. I got 3 issues of mens health and 3 issues of home journal already plus the health, weight watchers, diabetes forecast, parents and so on. For those that are not so important, I just scan them and be done with it.

These are the ones that I'm finish reading.

Need to read the 3 Mens Health, Health and Parents. They all have good infos.

Need to read all these too. They have good articles inside.

1 comment:

Lynn said...

love reading mags too. i already have an ample collection of cosmomag. lately, i bought one parenting mag and it's very informative. i got one Sharon and Kris mag too. just curious on what's inside and it's informative too. :)