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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lunch Time

My cousin and her family haven't had lunch yet when we went to their house yesterday so as hubby and me. They're new here so they asked me if I can go with them to the Airport to return the van that they're renting and just ride with me going back to their town home. I thought I can do it but then I was confused of which road I should go and where to park at the Airport coz I haven't done it yet. Hubby decided to help instead of going to work so he called his co-worker and told them that he's not going to work half day or whole day. The plan changed so it was hubby and my cousin's husband Kuya Mike who went to the Airport while me and my cousin plus our kiddos went out to buy something. We were all hungry when the husbands arrived so we decided to go out to my fave Greek restaurant. It's a good choice coz we all like the foods we ordered except their daugther who didn't eat the pasta coz it's kinda sour but the big sister probably enjoyed eating it.

Here they are while waiting for our order. (gutom na) :)

my cousin and her family with Claira wanting to climb. haha

And us with our little one taking a sip at hubby's ice tea. :)

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