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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Lady of Fatima's Visit

I never thought of accepting prayers of Saints or Mama Mary in the house. I mean, I like the thought of it but I heard from friends that it's a lot of work before and after the event because you have to do everything yourself unless you ask help from friends. But this year I accepted the challenge anyway. I was just thinking that this event is for Mama Mary so I asked God's help to make the event a successful one. Besides, it's my birthday too and my very first birthday here in the US that I invited friends over. Normally it's just me and hubby going out for dinner then last year with Claira and now with friends. It was a lot of work from preparing to cooking, decorating and arranging stuff in the house but I didn't regret doing it. It feels good when friends greeted you personally and bringing you something. I haven't experienced that when I was growing up. And I'm glad that friends help out cleaning and washing dishes because after the party hubby and I were able to relax and enjoy the food again. :)

Us with Mama Mary on the coffee table after the prayer. Other guests were chit chatting at the dining room and porch. :)

My friends digging the food. haha

Blowing of my candle with Claira. :)

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