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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not eating

We missed going to church today coz hubby's sick. He's having stomach cramps and later vomited. He said that all the food he ate last night came out when he vomit. Poor hubby. I don't know which food that made him sick but he's thinking that it's food poisoning. He's just drinking water and nothing else. He's been sleeping all day and not eating any solid yet. Chicken soup is always good when you're sick so I thought of making some for hubby but then I have to thaw the chicken first and I don't have time to wait. Hubby asked if we have canned chicken soup but when I checked the pantry there's none there. I decided to go to Walmart coz it's only 1 mile from our house and bought some chicken soup with rice the one in cans but I also bought fresh chicken for the home made chicken soup and rice.


NovaS said...

hope your hubby get well soon

Michelle said...

Thanks nov! He's now ok. I guess the chicken and rice soup made him feel better plus the love and care. :)