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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Parenting Books

Last Thursday I bought 2 books, 1 for parenting and the other 1 is about going outside for 15 mins. with your kids or family. It's very intriguing of how other parents do to have a happy kid/s, how they handle tantrum, of what games they do outside and etc. I can read and read and read if I want to but you know that I have a toddler, a house, plants, and a husband that needs my time and attention too. In addition to that, I myself need Me time also. It's very overwhelming how 1 person have a lot of things to do and still not finish everything, even little things were overlooked. So I'm desperately in need of help from other people's ideas and tips on what work and didn't work for them. I'm so glad that there are books and magazines that you can read or just find what you need thru internet. I still need to do a lot of reading and hopefully, I'll find what I'm looking for. Claira's getting smarter everyday and I have to be ready of what to do next.

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