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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th 2011

Our happy 4th started in the morning just relaxing at home. Later we had a good lunch with my cousin and her family which you can see in the picture below. After an hour or so, we headed to the outdoor Mall Bridge Street to watch the BIG Fireworks Show in Town. It's a double show coz the Space and ROcket Center will also have a Fireworks Show, same time with the one in Bridge Street. It says in the news that the people in Bridge Street can watch the fireworks in the Space and ROcket Center and vice versa. We went to the Mall 3 hours before the show so we can find a good parking space and luckily we did though people were there earlier for the different kinds of entertainments like games, eating contests, live bands, dancing, and many more. The fireworks lasted for 20 minutes, it's nonstop and accompanied by a wonderful music/song. It's really awesome! Maybe next time I should take a video so others can see how beautiful the fireworks show is.

Us... waiting for the fireworks show

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