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Friday, September 9, 2011

FIlipino Food

I've been wanting to try eating Filipino food at a Flipino restaurant coz there's no Filipino restaurant in the place where I live.  I miss going to the mall in the Philippines and just order the food that I like to eat that day.  Here in the US, I have to cook everything from scratch in order to eat what I crave.  Oh well, that's life so be it. 

Anyway, we finally went to a Filipino restaurant.  If we only have a lot of time to wait then I would have ordered the one I really like to try but our time is gold so we only ordered the food that they already cooked.

It's not as delicious as what I expect it to be but it's not nasty so it's ok. 


Lynn said...

Mingaw na jud kog sabaw sa isda nga bariles or lagao unya butangan og kamote taps. :(

Michelle said...

mao ba sis? nah mas lami pa man akong sabaw aning ilang sabaw sis pero ok na lang kung walay lain basta kahigop. hehe naa bayay lami nga isda sabawn sis kanang golden pompano, lami na nga isda bisan unsaon nimo ug luto. try ana sis.