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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm 35!

Whoah!  Time flies and now I'm 35!  I remember when I was in Elementary school where kids wanted to grow so fast acting like we're grown up and now that I'm 35 I wanted to stay healthy...  I mean, young like when I was in College.  Don't we all? lol  Well, that's life! We can't stop it and no matter what we do we still get wrinkles and our kids will become adults. Urgh!  Enough of this fast forward thinking. :) 

Seeing the photos below reminds me of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband, daughter and friends.  These people are like family to me.

Prayer before dinner.

Slicing my cake.  I didn't know that the birthday celebrant should be the first to slice the birthday cake.  I felt so special. hehe
Blowing the candle.  I told Claira to help me blow the candle but she didn't.  The next day while I was eating the leftover cake she said "Mommy's birthday cake".  Now I know why she didn't blow the candle.  Smart!
My friends. -_*


Lynn said...

Happy super belated birthday, Mitch! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks sis! :)