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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kamote-q (Fried sweet potato with brown sugar in skewer)

I remember having this as a snack when I was in the Philippines.  It's a street food and I crave on this once in a while so I started to make my own.  My first try failed but edible.  The sugar didn't coat the sweet potatoes and so I search online of how to make this and finally, I made it right. 


sweet potatoes - sliced and thick about 1/2 inch
brown sugar
oil for frying
bamboo skewers - optional
1) heat oil in the pan.
2) add brown sugar.
3) when sugar is melting and floating, you can start adding the sweet potatoes.
4) coat sweet potatoes with the sugar by turning them over. don't over cook or the sweet potatoes will become too soft.



NovaS said...

i was loath to try this before...although i have seen this before at the side vendors when i was still in looks too easy...but glad you share this recipe...i can't wait to make one...thanks a bunch

Michelle said...

you're welcome nov! it's my pleasure to share pinoy recipes for those who are living abroad and wanted to learn how to cook so they can eat the foods they crave again. but of course i have to try them first and make sure that it taste almost the same if not the same as what we had back home. have fun cooking!

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