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Friday, January 13, 2012

My Healthy Version of Arroz Caldo

Brrrrr  It's cold outside today, nice to curl up in bed.  This is the perfect day for arroz caldo (chicken and rice soup) but if I'll make some, I want some veggies mixed in to make it healthier.  Arroz caldo is not only good for winter but also good for those who are sick.  I use to make this when one of us get sick.  How's your Friday the 13th?  Mine will be a lazy day with my dear daughter. :)


Catherine said...

Dear Michelle, I am at home with a cold and I agree this is a perfect dish for a cold. Enjoy your day with your dear daughter. Blessings, Cathrine xo

Michelle said...

Hi Cathrine, thanks for visiting my blog. My daughter had a fever earlier today but she's now okay. Get well soon and God Bless!