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Monday, January 16, 2012

Shop til you drop

Claira and I went out shopping today looking for the best deals at the mall knowing that there will be a lot of sales going on in all stores.  We ended up buying only 1 item at Victoria's Secret coz Claira wants to play and go somewhere so we spent most of our time looking around, going up and down the escalator and elevator, then we went to the play area where Claira met some new friends and then went home coz it's already 6 pm.  I was thinking of going to Walgreens on our way home to get my prescription medicine but Claira's sound asleep so I drove home straight from the mall.  Oh well, there are still sales going on tomorrow and maybe for the whole week.  May you have a happy holiday!


NovaS said...

they do have some best deals, i end up buying tops at DEBS store for summer..i do hope it'll look better to me by the time i wear them....

Michelle said...

i hope it looks great on you nov. i can't wait for the spring. :)