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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Six Years

It's almost 6 years that I've been here in the US and haven't been back to my homeland Philippines since I came here.  I did plan to visit Philippines in the year 2009 but while I was planning in 2008, something happened.  I was pregnant with Claira and will give birth in 2009 so the plan was cancelled.  I don't want to risk my baby's life by travelling for 2 long days to get there.  It's just too much for me.  After giving birth, travelling with a baby is a lot of work so going to Philippines is not in mind yet.  Besides, we're planning to have another baby when Claira turns two.  Unfortunately, we're still not pregnant after I had a miscarriage last 2010.  This year I'm thinking that going to Philippines might be a good idea coz Claira can talk now, she understand simple instruction, she likes to ride in the plane and I'm not pregnant.  I'm thinking that maybe God wants me to visit my homeland first before He give us another baby. (crossing my fingers)

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