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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Third Day, Pensacola

We went to Perdido Key just to look at their beaches.  It's cold and windy and we're hungry.  We were lost looking for the Fisherman's Corner Restaurant and by the time we arrived at the restaurant, they're already close.  We then look for the next Seafood restaurant in our list and finally, we found the Crab Trap Restaurant.  I loooove my tuna sandwich! I mean the tuna in my sandwich.  I wish I had rice and soy sauce to pair with the tuna but I didn't so I just ate the fries.  It still work!  Taste good!  After our late lunch we headed to Perdido Seafood Market and bought some fresh fish steaks. 

Perdido Key Beach

At the Crab Trap while waiting for our order.

At Perdido Seafood Market

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