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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Claira and her new friend Dino

I showed Claira a new storage for her toys and she pointed out where's the dinosoar that she saw on the picture.  I explained that the Dinosoar is not included so we don't have it.  Of course she didn't stop asking for the Dinosoar thinking that there should be one inside too just like the one in the picture.  Then I remember that we have a Dinosoar that I purchased last year but didn't have a chance to give it coz it's too big and won't fit in the boxes that we have.  I went to hubby's storage room where the Dinosoar was and give it to Claira.  She was a little scared at first because of the size I guess but after I played with it and told her that it's a pet, she started carrying it around the house and played.  She asked for grapes and shared it with the Dino friend.  In the picture below, she put one grape in the Dino's tongue and tried to close the Dino's mouth. And after trying without Dino's cooperation, she took the grape and ate it. lol

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