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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lunch in Radisson Blu

One of our stays in Cebu was in Radisson Blu Hotel.  Our room was updated to a business class room for no additional cost which of course we were grateful.  We didn't include the breakfast when we booked for the Hotel because SM Mall is just across the street with more restaurants to choose from and much cheaper.  But then plans change.  Instead of going to the mall for breakfast, we went to the swimming pool first because that's the one reason why we wanted to stay in Radisson. Their swimming pool is awesome and we know that the little one will love it! Lol 
Then my tummy started growling so I asked the in-charge of the towels if they have a lunch menu that we can order and the man said yes.  He handed me a waterproof lunch menu which I was impressed because the sandwiches were out of this world.  It's yummy and the serving is huge and it comes with french fries which the little one love to eat.  It's expensive for a filipino standard but it's really worth it.  It's something I would buy here in the US.  Better than the sandwiches here. :)

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