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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saving Money

Well,  I'd like to say that saving money is one of my New Year's Resolutions this year.  I mean, really save money because my little one wants to go to a private Elementary School.  I wasn't so worried financially yet coz we don't have any debt except the mortgage and we have money saved for emergency and retirement.  But one day it hit me that my little girl will someday go to High School and College and I don't want her to have a student loan.  So I started watching Suze Orman's video's in youtube hoping that her speech will inspire me to save money for the future.  By watching Suze Orman's video's I realized that the money we saved is not enough by her standard.  Now I'm worried.  I bought her Money Class book thru Kindle and read the Women and Money that Suze also wrote.  I'm tracking all our expenses since I got married but now I downloaded an app for my iPod touch to track daily expenses even if I'm on the go.  In that way I won't forget any expenses that I don't have a receipt.  Pretty cool huh!  The app's name is Toshl Finance and it's FREE.  I love that app and it keep me to stay away from stores unless I really need something and not just wants.  I talked to hubby and my child about it and guess what?  My hubby doesn't want to save coz he said I tried it before and after 4 weeks I get mad and start buying stuff again. Lol  It's true, I felt deprived after weeks of not going out coz I'm trying to save but I didn't know if it's 4 weeks!  That really made me laugh.  And when I told my daughter about it, she agreed right away because it's for her education right?  What surprised me was, my daughter understand it at her young age.  I am so thrilled knowing that my daughter is on my side.  I even told her that if I forget, she'll remind me to save money and she did.  Sometimes she asked me if she want a stuff to bring home but she never fuss or whine whenever I told her that she can't have it coz we're saving.  Now hubby understand that I'm really into this saving for our child's future.  I'm glad that we're all in the same page.  It was easy not to worry about money when you don't have a child depending on you and if the child is not in school yet.  Suze said that  it takes 21 days to a month to break a bad habit.  So far, so good and I survived the 21 days.  Looking forward for a month and hopefully more months that will lead to years.  A friend of mine didn't like the idea of saving coz for her it's like not having a life.  But for me it depends if you change your mindset.  I can choose to have a life today and regret later but I now learn to love saving and I don't want to waste my time and regret later. 


J said...


I've been a Suze Orman fan for many years. I have all her books and I personally agree with her doctrines. I'm glad you found her too.

living within ones means is very important. and setting aside a substantial amount for savings/retirement and investment while enjoying some of what life has to offer is great. personally it gives a feeling of security while living in the moment happy too.

happy saving!


Michelle said...

Hi Juliana!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I'm glad to hear from another Suze Orman fan. ^_^ I bet you learned a lot from her since you have all her books. Have you tried investing in the stock market by yourself yet? I'm still trying to digest all the informations that I've read. Hopefully, I'll learn how to play the stock market game someday.

God Bless! :)

J said...

I'm back Michelle. Funny that you asked about investing in the stock market because my husband is a Wall Street professional but he is not in the trading floor. So yes, we have stocks holdings but I have to be honest with you, I don't have the final say on our stocks investments and my husband and I have been a bit less aggressive since we lost a lot after 9/11. the market has been great lately though, and it's been favorable to us.

eventually, your learn more insights about investing in stocks. tread carefully though cause it can be overwhelming and dangerous but FUN if you are gaining profit.

have a nice weekend.


Michelle said...

I understand. It's scary when your investment will go down in value but no one can really predict the future. I still have a lot of time to learn. It's not fun if you don't get any profit. :)