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Thursday, May 9, 2013

New leaves of Malunggay

This is one of my experiment in planting malunggay here in the US.  I planted 2 malunggay's in the ground coz the one in the pot doesn't produce a lot of leaves.  When the weather gets cold I covered them with bubble wrap to keep them warm but leave the top open for air circulation.  The wind kept on blowing the bubble wrap so I also kept on fixing the bubble wrap and then got tired of doing it so I just leave it alone and see what happens.  The stem went brown which means it's dead.  I was about to pull the whole stem when I noticed the tiny green at the bottom close to the roots.  It's not dead!  It surely put a smile on my face!  I hope the roots will keep on growing deeper so my malunggay plant will keep on coming back every year for the summer harvest.  The other one is already dead so I just pulled it and maybe plant another one later. 

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