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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Wilderness at the Smokies

The Wilderness at the Smokies in Tennessee is an Indoor/Outdoor Waterpark.  We love the lazy river, the place but not the food.  There are restaurants inside but I was craving for the home cooked meals and not the greasy fast food ones.  Good thing we didn't stay there for a week or I'm going to lose some weight. Lol


Catherine said...

Dear Michelle, I am not sure who enjoyed the water parks more when my kids were little. I always had so much fun!
I do agree the food leaves something to be desired and it is usually very expensive.
I would crave home cooked food too.
Blessings dear. Catherine

Michelle said...

Hello Catherine! It's fun to be in the water park and even more fun when you bring friends with you. Thanks for visiting my blog again! :)