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Friday, September 20, 2013

Prenatal Visit

Yesterday was my prenatal visit for this month.  My oh my, I thought I was on track with the weight I gained but the Nurse Practitioner who handles me said "Have you been eating"?  Well, of course I am coz I am not starving but I only gained 1 lb. and she's not happy about that.  My assignment is to eat even if I'm not hungry and she told me to stop doing what I was doing that hurts my lower abdomen.  Well, I have to cook so I have something to eat, wash dishes coz we don't have a maid in the house and do chores for my exercise coz I don't want my body to swell from not doing anything.  Hmm  Very challenging!  If only I'm in the Philippines right now, then I'll follow what the NP told me.  But I am thousands of miles from my homeland.  So my best option is to just listen to my body.  If my lower abdomen starts to hurt then I'll stop what I'm doing and take a rest. 

Anyway, the baby is doing fine with a heartbeat of 153 and this baby is swimming like a fish in my uterus!  The baby likes playing hide and seek when the Nurse Practitioner put the doppler to my tummy so we can hear the heartbeat.  Funny!

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