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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Culture Difference

Here’s another culture difference again that I experienced here in US myself. There were
times when hubby and I went to the restaurants for dinner and a waiter or waitress broke something while cleaning the table or while bringing the plates and glass to the kitchen, I noticed that the co-employees were applauding. It didn’t happen only once but twice. Then the third time… it happen to me. I was the one who broke something from the kitchen where I work. I was like “Opps!” And my co-workers were applauding and one said “Woo hoo!” Somebody asked who did that and I honestly admitted that it’s my fault. What surprised me is that our manager only said “It’s OK.” I was thinking that if it happens in the Philippines, I guess we have to pay for it with the salary deduction policy and scolded for being careless. I don’t know if you notice that here. Though I don’t know the reason why they are doing that here but I remember my Aunt in the Philippines when somebody breaks something in the kitchen she would only say it’s okay and not to worry about it. She said that the bad luck goes to the broken stuff. Not sure though if that’s the same reason here why they applaud when things like that happen. Maybe someday I’ll ask why they do that. hehe


Lerlyn said...

naga worl na d-i ka diha chel?ayo-ayo!ug maau ok lang na maka basag diha ug pinggan,hehe!tc

I'm Michelle said...

nag work ko part time kay aron di ko matintal ug sige shopping. very accessible man gud diri ang mga store ug malls... you know na, vitamins sa mata.hehe ug labaw pas maayo kung makabuak bisan ug mahal pa pareha sa akong nabuak kay pakpakan paka nila. ako tawn gikulbaan pero sila, nah mora lang ug wa.hehe mao nay naka advantage sad diri kay walay kuha sa sweldo. tuloy ang ligaya.hahaha