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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Life is Wonderful

For those who think that life is a mess
I want you to read and be a part of this
Life is full of mysteries and a lot of surprises
So life is not a mess after all when you read this

When we were kids, we know only a few things
But as we grow old, we learn a lot from our experiences
Mistakes are part of our life
Because if we are always right
It's just like there's no morning and night

So let's accept mistakes as part of our life
Just like having our left and right eyes to have a good sight
If one is missing
Then life has no meaning

Life has a lot to offer
Like breakfast, lunch or supper
All we have to do is explore our wings
Like the birds in the sky always wonder for something

For those who think that life is nothing
It's not too late for you to do many things
For you can't have everything
If you're not doing anything

I hope that I was able to change your mind a bit
That life is wonderful and nothing less
It's full of meaning and not worthless
For it's beautiful, no more, no less

So what are you waiting for my friend?
Go and don't put life an end
Reach your goal
Even though others think that you're small

You are the ruler of your own destiny
So think of the best and take it easy
Then keep your smile as always
No matter how hopeless

Don't be sad, lonely or mad
Instead be happy, enjoy and be glad
For life is worthwhile whatever they say
Just listen to your heart and never say "NO WAY!"

Life is beautiful and wonderful
So just be cool and wait for the miracle!

I made this poem for a friend years ago. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. I'm not really a poet. I just thought of making this to cheer my friend.


Lerlyn said...

i like the poem!keep it up!
chelle, naa ko ingon hehe! kanang pwede nimo ibalhin ang imo pic sa medyo taas sa page,ug ang chatbox sa ilalom sa page..go to customize-template-and drag and drop the page elements,murag imoha gud i-arrange ang page elements sa iyang mas ok na pwesto.

Lerlyn said...

Chelle, kaya naa sa tunga na ang imo pic kay ang "page Element" na imong nagamit kay basin ng sa tunga or ibabaw sad na picture element.ibalik sa dating pwesto ang pic..or gamita ang page element nga naa ra sa right side nakahilira..tapos ang i-drag and drop kay karang chatbox ipaubos aron manaug. Then ang imoha na profile pic pwede mo na butangan aron jutay na pic ang mu-flash sa atbang,pero kailangan nimo URL link na,dapat naa kay account sa kay naa na cla URL for gamay na pic pra sa bloggers..just get ur URL from picturetrail account nimo then paste it to the blogger profile account.Tapos mao na nga pic nga mu-flash inig mag comment ka sa mga blogs.

Michelle said...

ic, nasulbad na jud intawn nako.hehe thanks kaayo!