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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Hair...

It’s been a while since hubby cut my hair. Not sure if it was last year or early this year. Now my hair is up to my waist already, almost reach in my butt. Hmm It doesn’t look good anymore coz I have split ends which for me its time for trimming. I guess that’s the sign for me that my hair needs haircut. It doesn’t mean that there’s no hair saloon here that’s why hubby is the one cutting my hair. I just don’t want to spend money that much for just cutting my hair coz I can compare how cheap it is to cut hair in the Philippines. Ok, you do the math. Philippine haircut (that I use to pay there) is P50 for local salons or P100+ at Ricky Reyes Parlor at the Mall (and that’s including the tip). While here you pay $10 - $15. How much is that if converted to Philippine money? So salon for me is NO WAY! Anyways, hubby is still willing to cut my hair though. For now he’s researching and surfing on the net of which clippers works good for my hair. He was having a hard time cutting my hair the first time and now he wants to have the right tools.hehe

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