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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Question tag

Thanks to chalyza’s blog for some Q & A of this tag. I grab this from there coz she’s tagging those who wanna have it which I found it cute.hehe And also for twerlyn for tagging me this.

Thira : What is the quality you like most about yourself...and why?
Answer : I don’t know what to say.

Twerlyn : In your opinion, what is the essence of being a woman?
Answer : Being a wife and a mother.

Rosemarie : What do you think is the best achievement you had in your life?
Answer: The best achievement I had when I was single is owning a property which I never thought I can have and having been married to my hubby is the best achievement I have now.

Poray: Are you happy?
Answer: Very happy. No regrets whatsoever.hehe Though we have so many problems in life but those are the ones that taught me how to be strong and to become a better person.

Charity: What you don't like about itself?
Your answer: I easily pissed off when I’m giving instructions and will not be followed correctly. Wish I'm not like that.

Bisayako07: Do you like your skin color? Why?
Answer: I'm brown and I don't like it but I learn to love my skin when people here in US keeps on telling me that I am so lucky to have a tan skin. toink! I just realized lately that the white people are dying to have our skin color (they use tanning lotion, expose their skin to the sun for hours and going to tanning parlor with the big machines for tanning) but here I am wanted to become white. So now I learn to like and love my skin. Viva Filipina!

I'm tagging everybody who wants to grab this… Enjoy and have fun answering it!!!

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