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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Filipino House to House Caroling and Late Christmas Party

I had fun attending the party last night though I didn't join much with the dancing coz my shy side show up again. toink! The birthday celebrant asked me if I can understand "Tagalog" and I said "Yeah!" He said that he thought I'm not a Filipina, he was thinking that I'm chinese. ngee! He said that he sort of didn't talk to me coz he thought I can't understand their language. We had a little talk about different dialects in the Philippines where he went then a friend of ours went home early coz her 2 kids were sick especially the youngest which is only 5 months old and her baby also have the asthma. Four of my friends took her home but we dropped by at Walmart first to by the liquid vaporizer for her little one. It's like we were having a ladies night again. haha There was a Caribbean guest last night, she's the wife of our co-worker and I was surprised coz he was eating the head of the fish. I was like "WHAT?" I asked if she likes fish head and she said that it was delicious. wahahaha I enjoyed watching her eating the fish head. And her husband also was eating the blood pudding, we call it in the Philippines "Dinuguan" and that is porks blood. He talked about exotic food like the one in Russia where they had a blood soup and then he said "Ewww!" I was laughing when he said that coz he just finished eating the blood pudding and he said it was good. bwahahaha Anyway, here's some pics of what happened.

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